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When will you add more ?!?!

We paid for this game ! Needs more levels I love it

Charming and engaging

It’s such a joy to play this thoughtful, funny and uplifting game. The art is beautiful, and the animations make the game exciting. It feels like you’re really exploring a new world. The descriptions are well balanced between being useful and not giving away the game. Thank you for making this game!

Very fun

It like same find willy

Fantastic, but...

Fix the bug that won’t let us click Salma at the cross walk! Also, when will Beach level be available? Sorry if I missed this somewhere. Keep up the fun. :)

Small letdown

Simply because the bus station won’t let me select Salma (sp?). Otherwise, the game is Great. I do tend to be a bit uptight about getting Every Item in each level.

Relaxing, challenging and fun!

Great game that looks and plays very well on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Really enjoy the quirkiness and attention to detail in this interactive Where’s Waldo type of game. Really love it!

Where’s Waldo times a thousand!

This game is a lot of fun. My 3 year old son and myself enjoy playing this game.

Such An Awesome Game😍

Please just do yourself a favor and get this game. If you’re tired of all the lame freemium games out there and want to spend your money on a quality one-time-purchase product, this is your game. The amount of detail and effort the developers put into creating this game is astounding. It’s extremely fun to play and it’ll keep you occupied for hours. It’s actually very challenging to complete every stage to its entirety but never frustrating. I have no complaints about this game besides the fact that I just wish there were like a hundred stages because it’s so fun but new levels are on the way so I’m stoked for that! Anyways, this game is amazing and worth every penny; I’m waiting for the beach levels like a 10 year old waiting for Santa to come on Christmas eve. 10/10 game.

The Fun is Hidden in Plain Sight

This game is simplistically addictive. A hand-drawn ‘Where’s Waldo?’ for the modern age.

Great game!

Wonderful drawings!

Really lovely puzzle game

Hidden Folks was clearly designed and built with love and humor. The descriptions of the characters you need to find are cute and clever and give you *juuuust* enough to find the people. I spent hours playing this and ended up finishing in a few days (after many hours of searching!) I’m really excited for new content, and I heartily recommend this to anyone who likes puzzle games you can take your time with and enjoy :)

The ultimate hidden objects game!

Growing up with countless “find this” books, I’ve always had a passion for intricate overpopulated pictures with tiny hidden things to find and this game brings all of that to life and more! There is so much going on in every image! Being able to interact with the world, open doors, cut down bushes, move things aside really adds a much deeper level to the searching aspect. The art style and vocal sound effects are extremely adorable. For anyone who grew up loving books like this, this is a must have!

Looooove n it

Love this game. Stayed up night after night playing and now it’s complete!!!! I’m so sad. Please update more often for all of us “hidden folkers” that need our favorite hidden object game !!!!!!


It is fun to read the clues and figure out where they are. The sounds that are included are very cute and funny.

I love this game!!! But only one thing. It’s that I. Can’t find classy jessy...

5 STAR ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️

Unique and Entertaining game

I LOVE this game! It's the only app I have on my phone that wasn't free, but I think it was definitely worth the money, and I'm happy to support the creators of this creative and engaging game!

Tricking me

Can you guys do me a solid and not have random updates until it’s the real deal new levels update. Every time I see an update I get excited and then I see its for something little. Lol Thanks!

Absolutely Cute and Engrossing Game

This is the cutest game I’ve ever played. I am a 59 years old and yet I believe this cute game is suitable for all ages. I have been enthralled from the very get-go. There is so much to do and explore. The tiny black and white drawings of people and their worlds are chock full of things that go vroom! vroom! beep! beep! and move, some in unexpected ways. Most of the sounds are produced by human voices and lend to the game’s whimsical theme: find the hidden objects, some of which are hidden in plain sight and others hidden behind movable objects, and all found by using the cunning but adorable hints provided. I highly recommend this little gem!



Must buy!

This app entertains you and challenges you!

I can’t get past the snowy area!

I absolutely LOVE your take on this spot the _____, type game! Although it’s challenging, it’s still extremely fun to play. I will admit I have looked up some answers because of my desire to get to the next level and move on from the same landscape or city scape. But I’m stuck on the snowy area. I cannot find any hints or help on this section and I have no idea on where to look next. Can you please help me in some kind of way? Otherwise, GREAT GAME!!!!!

Inappropriate Folk

I love this game, and I’m waiting for the new levels to come out. But I noticed that one of the little folks character it’s a lady but she’s doesn’t have a shirt on and she’s showing her breast. First of all I find it offensive and second of all inappropriate because I know little kids play it too. I don’t know if the developers found that funny or thought people wouldn’t notice it but I did and it’s not funny.


I love the creativity in this game! It seems like the creator put a lot of effort into making this AWESOME game!!!

Hidden Folk

I love this game!! Its hiddenliscious!!

Cute, relaxing game

Great sound effects. Entertaining and not too hard. Highly recommend!

Simple, Original and Relaxing

But it’s harder than it looks so add challenging to the list.

Awkward but intriguing

I was turned off when I first noticed that this was black and white but then I realized that makes this all the more interesting. This game has me continuously wanting to find the items there’s no tricking just out right searching for the items...I absolutely love it!!!

Would be better without racial stereotyping

Was not expecting the casual racist stereotypes in this game. The concept of the app in general was a good one. Yes the art is cute but it stops being cute pretty quick when you're looking for a farmer who has "been possessed" by "an ancient Native American spirit" at a totem pole. Then "Chief Toto" who is passed out and a "Mexican Cactus" wearing a sombrero... its in no way necessary to the game and perhaps it gets better after the Desert but I was done with this tired stereotyping at this point.

Old time Favorite

Just like the magazine Highlight from when I was a kid.

Where's Waldo for phone

Best "Waldo" style game ive seen, well only one actually. Very entertaining and very good sound effects for sure. Looks like a "where's waldo" book met "dark side of art" style. I applaud the game developer for seeing an opportunity to make something I believe is truly unique and pushing a game on a direction that no one has ever done before, AND be successful with it. One key thing would like to see going forward: please; make some new levels. Not for free if you have to, like expansions.. they would be great. And I'm sure folks like myself would gladly pay to ses more levels and things to find in this great game.

Like Where’s Waldo for grownups

This game is addictive! If you enjoy puzzles, or were a fan of Where’s Waldo growing up, you won’t be disappointed!

This game is Super fun!

I love it. Definitely a challenge.

Funny game

Like this game because it’s fun and cute, also very challenging. Enjoy every moment listening to the poor imitating human sounds.

I love this game!!

This game is so adorable and fun for everyone! I like how even if you don’t find all of the things but some, you can still move to the next level so you’re not stuck forever! 💞💞💞

Highlights Nostalgia

Omg. It’s like playing Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine but in the millennium era. The sounds and actions are so darn cute. I’m in love 😍

Addictive and adorable

Would have loved to give the game 5 stars, but there were a few times where I knew I was doing the right thing and clicking on the correct “folk” but it wouldn’t give it to me. I even went out to find a walkthrough so I could make sure I had the right character. I did, but couldn’t make it work. This happened a couple of times. Except for this, I love the game.

Love it!

So excited about the new puzzle/map release!!! Helps my anxiety when I take a few minutes to explore the environments in the game.

I love e this game

It’s so calming and relaxing.

So Great

This game is challenging and really fun. It’s calming and makes me smile. If you like amazing graphics, wonderful detail and fun puzzles this game is great for you.


I was kept entertained for hours, it’s worth the money. It’s challenging and fun, not your usual hidden object game. I just wish it had more content. Please come out with an update soon!

Amazing game

I’ve completed and restarted a few times. This is my ideal game. With the really large areas I felt a bit disoriented at and wish I could fully zoom out, but I guess that’s what makes it more difficult. It also makes my phone really hot when I play. But overall, it’s my favorite game and I can’t wait for more areas (or even same areas with more to find).

Favorite Passtime

Hidden Folks isn’t just a fan-favorite for younger audiences - it enthralls the grown-ups, too. With just the right balance of fun and challenge, the waiting room at the doctor’s office just got a whole lot more interesting.

Wee Folk

Clever, humorous game. Very cute.

Tons of Fun

Frustrating and an eye strain but hard to put down. Very clever!

Interactive Where’s Waldo meets Scavenger Hunt! Need part two!

I love this game and was never bored with it. I am a person that will get bored quickly if the game is just repetitious but Hidden Folks was made for a person like me who needs to prod and poke around. It’s very interactive with holes to dig, tents, cars and doors to open, grass to cut, plants to grow, items that need moving or opening...you can’t possibly get bored with a game like this. It’s like Where’s Waldo meets Scavenger Hunt that’s highly interactive!

Not for phones

As far as my eyes are concerned this shouldn’t even be sold for phones, including my 7plus. Too small, too much pan and scroll, and you can’t zoom out far enough to get bearings. Bye....

Can’t wait

For additional content!


Absolutely brilliant.


After you play once, you’ve played it a hundred times. The only difference between this game and similar hidden object games is the figures are itty biddy.

Love this game!!

At first I thought it would be “too challenging” but it is just challenging enough to still be so fun! There are things in the game constantly that make me giggle - it is so clever! I didn’t realize the sounds contain clues until a few days into playing since I usually have my iPad on silent. I’ve NEVER paid for a game before and SO glad I did this time. However, I may lose my job - I’m addicted!

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