Hidden Folks App Recensioni

Amazing!! I love this game.

I loved this game. It’s kind of like a hidden object game but actually good! In particular I like that this one doesn’t take itself too seriously. The drawings are charming and every button pushes, every door opens with a satisfying sound. Some of the ones near the end have a puzzle quality to them (but not too hard) and the factories are so enjoyable to make the machines move, and as part of the solution so they are actually functional. Oh and be sure to check out the credits. Anyway, I loved this game! Love Adriann’s unique way of thinking, and I will eagerly await future scenes and puzzles!

Super fun low pressure game

I love this game. It’s fun and interactive and challenging without being stressful. There’s no pressure for micro purchases. I hope they make a dozen more levels.

cute except for the racism

This game is cute and engaging, and would have been even better if not for the casual, unnecessary racism spread throughout several of the levels.

Charming and Delightful

This is a meditative puzzle game, providing a much needed break for my brain. The art is adorable. I especially like the feedback mechanisms. If you’re looking for a easy way to recharge, this is it.


I was first skeptical but then when I started playing some more I fell in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I totally recommend this worth the money 100000000000/10. I don’t know what other people are saying but this is great. The graphics and sound effects are amazing.


I just purchased this game and played for about an hour and a half while waiting for someone, it’s a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, especially finding the very small creatures. I enjoy playing.

Hidden folks

I love the game, but ever since the update with the sneak peak for the beach came out, I was wondering, when does the beach update actually come out? Again I love this game!!!👍👍👍👍 please make more updates!!!

The absolute best game ever!!

This game has captivated me from the awesome clues, adorable busy people, and outrageously funny sound affects! I can not wait for the new levels to be released! Thank you guys so much for creating this enjoyable game! I highly recommend it!!


It’s just a fun game!

Great game

Such a fun game! I originally tried it at the MoPop in Seattle, and had to purchase it.

Sounds are so annoying

The scenes are so tiny and so sounds are enough to drive anyone crazy. Do not like this!!



so hard to find games like this

i finished them.all i'm always checking for updates you can click on anything that's my favorite

Where are the beach levels??

I absolutely LOVE this game, but for months now we’ve been teased by being able to see in the game that new beach levels are coming “soon”. I’m dying to play the new ones since I’ve played this game multiple times! Definitely 5 stars, for sure.


So fun

So much fun!

Great game


I don’t write a lot of reviews but I feel like I have to for this game! I’m a big fan of hidden object games but not so much of where’s Waldo. This game holds appeal for both. This game is way more then finding specific objects. You can also explore and find other hidden things it’s highly entertaining and the sound effects are great. I also love the simplicity of the design of this game.

Would get a refund.

I didn’t like it, I got bored so quick, if you like these games then buy it...but not worth 3.99. Would get a refund if I could.

I LOVE this app!

Be careful...time can slip by quickly with this app! The drawings are enchanting and it is addictive.

For Adults

I loved hidden object puzzles as a child but this application takes the game to a new solar system. You have to shake, move, chop and many more actions to solve these puzzles. Awesome job.

MORE Hidden Folks ... Puleeeeeez!!

I realize, that due to the extreme amount of content, it must take a million years to add a new location. However, I’ve been having anxiety issues waiting and really, really, REALLY hope you’re coming close to an update. I ❤️ Hidden Folks and appreciate your talent and imagination SO much, I will just cross my fingers and pray to the universe that y’all are close. THANK YOU for HF but please hurry! 😃

Very challenging

This game is very challenging but if you like puzzle games that u just HAVE to beat, this game is amazing for 4$

More levels pleeeeeeaaasse?!?!

Simple yet satisfying!

Cute Where’s Waldo

It’s fun.

The best stress-relieving game ever.

When I play this game, I am no longer on planet earth.. Feel like swimming in space vacuum

hidden volken

Such a wonderful game! I am glad I bought it. But now I see Beach, but I cannot open it. Is it ready? Been waiting and checking...Will it cost additional money? Please don’t stop making diesen Volken. Ich liebe den sehr 👷‍♂️

When do we get new levels?

Love this game...but waiting forever for new levels is ridiculous!


Loved the game! Ready for more...... 🧐🤓

Please add more soon!

Found developer response from other review that Salma at the bus stop is not a bug, and got her to cross. Yay! I can’t wait for more levels. 🥇🥇🥇

Lacking levels

I loooooove this app so much. I flew through all the levels and now I have nothing left :( please add more maps and stuff.

Hidden Folks is Good

This is exactly the type of hidden object game I like. Not timed, no in-app purchases, and centered around finding hidden objects. It is also sufficiently challenging to make it really fun.

Best game ever!

I love this game! And I love that I pay one price and I can just freely play it. It is worth every penny! The images are masterful and it is challenging. I hope there will be more areas in the future!

This game is so good

I love the sound effect and how hard it is to find things for example a spider😂😂😂👍🏼😇😅


1) It’s so nice that the developers have made this game a pay once and you’re done type of thing. As you can see—people are more than willing to pay for a quality game! I, for one, am so tired of this FREEMIUM in-app madness that has become of the App Store. Thank you! 2) Everything about this game is quality. I am having so much fun! I’m a bit addicted, I must say. I looked up and a whole hour had gone by while I played. I had no idea! 3) The sound effects are cute, and I LOVE the interactive nature of the game. This takes “hidden objects” to a whole other level. These things are really HIDDEN. You have to cut down bushes, look inside trees and even tap inside ANIMALS to find the items you seek. So much fun! Thank you so much for creating a quality game that is well worth the money! More devs should be like this lot! :-)

Love it!

Love this game! I can’t wait for new areas.


Hidden Folks has soothed my adult need for a more difficult Where’s Waldo! The levels are well designed, creative and have a good touch of humor added in. Interactive levels add a unique finding experience that makes the game more engaging. My only issue is the small level count. But...it’s a complement really. I WANT MORE FOLKS!

Lot of fun

My son loves it, both for the hand drawn pictures and the simple made sounds.

Obsessed and addicted

Love this game! The fun sounds make it even more interesting. It's fun to just click on things to see what's there and to hear the sound. It would be nice if there were a way to get hints, but then again not having them makes it all the more addictive. A fun add might be too have found items show up in color.

Worth every cent

Marvelous. Beautiful, humorous, and all around amazing. Perfect for relaxing, traveling, or just to pass the time. Whenever I’ve had a stressful day I play this game to take my mind off of things. Great distraction from life.

Top notch sound effects

It has real engaging challenge, good level design, and the voice acting is the best I’ve heard in any video game


It delivers what it says it will but maybe it’s not my kind of thing. It’s calm, that’s for sure, but that’s ok. Persistance, sure. I can do that; I can locate 216 countries on the globe (tiny islands can be time consuming) and can identify their flags as well as states, provinces, micro-nations (you know, like Sealand)... I can listen to other stuff while doing this, right? I dunno... I get obsessed with finding that LAST critter or person and it makes me crazy. Maybe I need a momentary hint; a glow, a flash of color, a ghost-like apparition to appear over the darned thing because I can spend as long on the last SINGLE item as on everything else in the region combined and it makes me want to close up the app and go learn Esperanto instead. Or Korean. Probably Korean. Esperanto is too bizarre.

More please!!!!

Finished Hidden Folks need more please

When will you add more ?!?!

We paid for this game ! Needs more levels I love it

Charming and engaging

It’s such a joy to play this thoughtful, funny and uplifting game. The art is beautiful, and the animations make the game exciting. It feels like you’re really exploring a new world. The descriptions are well balanced between being useful and not giving away the game. Thank you for making this game!

Very fun

It like same find willy

Small letdown

Simply because the bus station won’t let me select Salma (sp?). Otherwise, the game is Great. I do tend to be a bit uptight about getting Every Item in each level.

Relaxing, challenging and fun!

Great game that looks and plays very well on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Really enjoy the quirkiness and attention to detail in this interactive Where’s Waldo type of game. Really love it!

Where’s Waldo times a thousand!

This game is a lot of fun. My 3 year old son and myself enjoy playing this game.

Such An Awesome Game😍

Please just do yourself a favor and get this game. If you’re tired of all the lame freemium games out there and want to spend your money on a quality one-time-purchase product, this is your game. The amount of detail and effort the developers put into creating this game is astounding. It’s extremely fun to play and it’ll keep you occupied for hours. It’s actually very challenging to complete every stage to its entirety but never frustrating. I have no complaints about this game besides the fact that I just wish there were like a hundred stages because it’s so fun but new levels are on the way so I’m stoked for that! Anyways, this game is amazing and worth every penny; I’m waiting for the beach levels like a 10 year old waiting for Santa to come on Christmas eve. 10/10 game.

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